Twilight Photography

twilight photography_headingFor those properties that have outdoor lighting, a nightshot or twilight photo provides an opportunity to showcase unique features of interest, including outdoor living areas.

Elevated Photography

elevated photgraphy_headingWe use a Drone wisely in order to achieve that sometimes elusive preferred angle of the home and grounds. We usually fly no higher than any surrounding trees and only for properties we believe require it.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing_headingOur digital marketing campaign focuses on a mix of email marketing including buyer matches, content marketing, social media and SEO and integrating it with traditional marketing methods. Although the fundamentals of marketing remain, there are new marketing mediums constantly emerging. As alumni of the University of Otago (B.Com in Marketing) and an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of marketing we make it our priority to keep up with changes in consumer behaviour and emerging marketing mediums to add value to the marketing programs for our clients.


video_headingWe produce a short Video Clip which provides a combination of both still and moving views complete with background music. A picture paints a thousand words, a video paints many more …………
Consumer behaviour dictates varying success rates for different mediums. Still Visual, vs video visuals, vs interactive vs script – we need to use a well thought out combination to reach and appeal to the biggest audience.

Virtual Tours

virtual tours_headingA virtual tour is an interactive tour of your home which gives potential buyers an opportunity to view the flow/layout of the property at their own pace, all from the comfort of their lounge. There are also “hotspots” which when clicked give further information on the homes special features and benefits.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans_headingFloor plans are used in other many other property markets in New Zealand and around the world. They provide the potential purchasers with more information on the layout and flow of the home. Property with floorplans also increase buyer click through rates to approx 53% over those properties that don’t provide a floor plan.

Illuminated Signs

lighted street sign_headingParticularly useful in the winter months when daylight hours are shorter, your sign will stand out regardless of the time of day.

Open Home Experience

open home experience_headingWe wish to make your open home memorable for the potential buyers that come through your home. Amongst our immediate introductions in this area, are slip on booties for purchasers that will give them an alternative rather than removing their shoes. Background music is played and chosen to suit the identified target market and is personalised to your individual home.

Virtually Staged Furniture

virtual furniture_headingVirtually staging a property is particularly useful when the property is vacant. Ideally the property would be staged with a home staging company (click here) with real furniture, however we understand this is not always an option. Each furnishing is chosen to reflect and target not only the era of the home, but those Buyers most likely to purchase the property. We take great care to ensure any virtual furnishing give the potential buyer a realistic idea of the room size. It is proven that well furnished homes are more saleable and for a higher price than vacant properties.

Digital Makeovers

virtual makeover_headingDo you have a room with outdated wallpaper? Room colour? We use digital makeovers to enable buyers to view what could be done to modernize etc a specific area of your property. These makeovers cannot be advertised but used as additional information at the open homes, along with a disclaimer stating that it is a digital makeover impression only.

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