Why Virtual Tours

on 19th Sep 2016
  • Interactive virtual tour

What are Virtual Tours?

Virtual Tours are interactive way of viewing the property we have for sale, at your own pace and in the order you choose.  They give the viewer time to get more information about a property such as the layout of the rooms, heating options, whether the rooms have wardrobes, basically anything you could think of asking about a property we hope you will see on our virtual tours.

Why Team Young use Virtual Tours to market our listings?

Virtual Tours have been used in other property markets with great success. The old school thought amongst some Real Estate agents is to withhold information, use limited photos online to basically make the phone ring.  Team Young understand that Real Estate agents are no longer (and haven't been for a long time) the first point of call and that buyers like to do their own research before either visiting an open home or getting in touch with a salesperson.  We like to use a combination of photos, scripts, virtual tours and video (where appropriate) to ensure that we are meeting the viewing preferences of all our buyers.

Buyer behavior has changed to an ONDEMAND pattern evidenced by online shopping at all hours, ondemand streamed television such as Netflix and Lightbox where consumers can watch what they want, when they want, along with Kindle and Amazon for ebooks to download and read NOW. Real Estate is no different, people want information and they want it NOW, hence the interactive virtual tour.  There are other advantages to virtual tours such as enabling out of town buyers to view the virtual tour and give them the confidence to make an offer without stepping foot in the property.  A lot of buyers have friends and family living out of Invercargill, and it enables them to "show" their friends and family the home they are thinking of buying.  Some properties are tenanted with limited access, and no open homes allowed, virtual tours allow us to show the home to potential buyers, before taking the very interested ones through if they wish, therefore placing less demands on the tenants and hopefully reducing the chance of them handing in their notice due to the inconvenience.

How do I navigate a virtual Tour?

Its really easy and simple to navigate your way around an interactive virtual tour.  Simply visit www.invercargillproperty.com and select the house you would like to view.... Click on the Yellow virtual tour logo and then use your mouse, finger (if on iphone/ipad etc) to spin around the room as fast or slow as your like. Again use your mouse or finger to zoom in or out, look up or down.  The little "hot spots" will have a label telling you where it will take you if you click on it.  In some virtual tours you will have the option of "Quick Navigation" this is a pulldown menu that will take you directly to your choosen room, this saving having to go through the whole house according to the layout.

Does everyone who lists their property with Vicky or Kylie get a virtual tour, and if so what does it cost?

Firstly, everyone who lists exclustively with Kylie or Vicky has the option of having a virtual tour as part of the marketing of their property, and we certainly recommend it.  Secondly, there is absolutely no cost to the vendors to produce these virtual tours.

Once my property sells, can I get a copy of the virtual tour to keep?

Absolutely, you just need to let us know and we will pop it onto a disk for you, along with photos if you choose.

So there you have it, our Virtual tours in a nutshell.  We are always looking to continually improve our marketing options, including our virtual tours, so feel free to drop us a line or get in touch with any questions, or suggestions you have. javascript:;