Meth Testing of Invercargill properties

on 18th Jul 2016
  • Meth testing
  • Invercargill property

In 12 years of selling real estate, in both Wellington and Invercargill, I had never got an offer subject to a Methamphetamine test…. That changed last week, I got 4 offers subject to a meth test. With all the hype in the media, and the dangers of a meth contaminated property becoming known there is an increasing demand for testing. As it happens, 3 of the 4 requesting a meth test were out of town investors.

The Meth test is a simple test, that really does give you peace of mind.  John Mouat of House call does these and at the time of writing the cost is $125.  I accompanied John and Lyn to see what was involved and the ease of the test. Depending on the size of the house, the number of checks can vary.  For a smaller Invercargill home we visited this week two spots were processed… One in the kitchen and the other in a bedroom at the other end of the house.  The testing does not take long, maybe 10 minutes or so and does not do any damage to the property.

The swab is mixed in a solution and then is put into a tester, a little like a pregnancy test, then we wait…. One line shows up once the test is completed, the other is a faint line indicating a negative presence for meth. If there is only one line, there is a presence of methamphetamine detected, and further tests are required.  Fortunately our test came up negative.

The government has not set limits or standards for the levels of methamphetamine detected as of yet, but it is a worthwhile, inexpensive test to consider if you are looking at buying.